Who is hannah dating on pll

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Veronica and Peter never told Spencer that she was adopted, and raised her as a Hastings.

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Mike wasn't physically present for the entire third season, but returned in Season 4 where he and Aria seemed to have become closer.

"You will see 'A's face in episode 10, that is no lie," Goldstick promised. The PLL Time Jump Will Be Satisfying: After the Liars finally unveil the face behind the mask, fans will be treated to a huge time jump in the winter 2016 season.

"You will finally see 'A's face and you will understand who 'A' is, how 'A' got to be big 'A', and it will all make sense. "It's really satisfying jump with some wonderful surprises," the boss teased.

WATCH: 'PLL' Postmortem: Marlene King Talks 'A's Shocking Secret 1.

Fans Will See Charles' Face in Season 6: If you were underwhelmed by Tuesday's "Big A Reveal" all you need to do is wait a little bit longer for the answers you crave.

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