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Angelina Jolie adopted a Cambodian son and was granted a Cambodian citizenship.

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Tony has since served in various capacities in the private security sector as well as aiding government and various law enforcement agencies.

The two had a date this past week at the Russian restaurant Mari Vanna in Gramercy.

Steven Seagal’s ­former producing partner is getting revenge on the action hero by making a new film — starring a younger, tougher martial artist.

These guys are free falling for a minute and a half, so you’re looking at an altitude of, say, 23,000 feet, which means the air is so thin up there, even if you’re wearing an oxygen mask, you’re probably going to freeze.

I don’t see it happening.”Tony’s take: “There used to be these guys called Barn Stormers, who flew these old-fashioned biplanes - they’d descend on some old town in the middle of nowhere and put on an airshow.

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