Speed dating 2016 limited defaced

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There will be a 15 minute break half way through to allow for refreshments.

The event will finish around pm but guests are welcome to stay and mingle if they wish.

June 30 & July 1, 2017 One of our newest additions, Butler Cafe is an interactive experience which offers an array of entertainment, including dances, musical performances, photo ops, and more..

In serif script underneath the artist had stencilled, "...normally I speak like this".An evening of fun & flirty speed dating within the stylish surroundings of One Kew Road in Richmond.The event starts at 8pm prompt and any guests arriving late may not be able to take part so please ensure you arrive 15-30 minutes before the scheduled start time to allow for registration.Within hours, however, the second piece had also been vandalised with the graffiti tag of a rival street artist.Local fans, and those who had travelled more than 100 miles to see Banksy's work were disappointed to find his pieces defaced, as the news and photos spread on Twitter.

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