Slumdog co stars dating

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“The country was really proud of her, and I was like, One day, I want to do the same,” Pinto says in her clipped, slightly accented English, which betrays her middle-class upbringing in the suburbs of Mumbai.

All I needed to do was realize it and recognize what I wanted to do.” For Pinto, the epiphany came at 11, when India’s Sushmita Sen won the 1994 Miss Universe competition."I ripped the seams of his shirt open, and I was spitting into Danny Boyle's naked chest." Ahmed said Boyle calmly cut the scene and thanked him for stopping by."I walked out of that audition thinking, 'I nailed that,'" he said to Moss, who could not stop laughing.The singing duo got married in a private ceremony in California, after dating for three years.They met on the set of the film, and even invited their co-stars Elizabeth Banks, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow for the nuptials.

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