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The trial court ruled that just because the material was on the computer did not make it relevant, but if testimony linked the material with the victim, then “I think you should make an objection at the proper time.” Defense counsel said he would object “at that time.”Waters subsequently testified that Playboy, Sexhound, and Sextracker Internet sites had been accessed from the classroom computer. Want to keep track of your ovulation cycle, or maybe how often you have sex?Let’s say you have three employees, who earn an average of per hour and work an 8-hour day Monday through Friday. That’s ,600 in a year–compare You’d think that in the current economy employees would be more likely to be staying away from time-wasters like online gaming.Let’s assume that, with True website content filtering in place, you recover just 15 minutes of productive time a day from each employee. But the truth, says Cornell University, Johnson Graduate School of Management’s Prof.

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If the jury heard prejudicial evidence it was because defense counsel failed to object.

Instead of turning the Health app into a promiscuous sex bragging tool, Apple is taking a more clinical approach.

You can tag the date and time of your sexual encounters, but you won't be logging things like sexual position, how many people were involved in the encounter, or the gender of your partners.

But if you knew there was a process problem in your company that was leaking and costing you thousands of dollars a year, we are sure you’d jump to fix it at once. They like Netsentron because of its combination of a true intelligent content filter and traditional ‘Ban List’, which makes it very good at protecting students from inappropriate website content.

School administrators use Netsentron and its content filter because it of time looking at things on the Internet that they shouldn’t be. However, you just made 0 in labour costs per month productive again–you just saved 0 per month from being wasted!

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