Planetside players not updating

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And it’s still going, even if its numbers are not what they once were.

Contact Support if you really are missing your items.

A fully capable in game overlay is provided for viewing your session stats, kill history, and weapon history in real-time.

It is one of the most awesome, innovative tools that I've ever used and my viewers absolutely love it.

Before, i wanted to save the download time, so i copied the Sony Online Entertainment Folder to her Computer.

This didn´t work, (the Game crashed after launching it), so i uninstalled the Game and deleted the Folder. the error you mentioned, Socket Error: Host not found (11001) tells me that your problem is locally, with your home network or with that specific computer. All that's doing is allowing the launcher to load images and the like, has nothing to do with the download of files.

There is actually a separate team of coders right now that we’ve been building up that are working on doing all of that transition stuff, and it’s a lot of work.

There’s a lot of engineering, kind of like plumbing work taking apart and reconstructing of the engine that needs to get done for it.

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