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In 1998, Gamble offered a marvelous turn as the youthful protege of high school student who places more emphasis on extra-curricular activities than on academics in the original and highly entertaining "Rushmore." He was next tapped to portray the son of Tim Robbins in the thriller "Arlington Road" (1999).Several filmmakers, including Gus Van Sant and Clint Eastwood, have taken swings at bringing Michael Murphy’s 1971 bestseller, “Golf in the Kingdom,” to the screen, ultimately stymied by the challenge of visualizing its peculiar mix of golf and mysticism.It takes him everywhere he thinks he needs to be going and makes him realize that he is focused on the wrong things.I think a lot of young people are often at that transition in their lives.

Striking compositions against fantastical rock formations on Oregon’s coastline suggest Streitfeld may have fared better with less effort. Co-producers, Rana Joy Glickman, Gretchen Miller, Jim L. Directed, written by Susan Streitfeld, based on a book by Michael Murphy. Smith; editor, Kathryn Himoff; music, Ian Dean, Evelyn Glennie; art director, Matt Karchesky; costume designer, Angela Billows. Mason Gamble started his film career in 1993 with the film “Dennis The Menace”.Mason’s latest film “Golf in the Kingdom” really shows his acting ability in the role of Michael Murphy.The company is a classic Silicon Valley tale of the hard work and success of its founder, Ross Mason.Mason, who turned over the CEO role a few years ago but stayed on as vice president of product strategy, remains the largest individual shareholder.

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