Kpop scandal dating

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– V continuously posted pics of wearing similar ring which was a gift from HI. HI wrote letter in “To Bangtan” board of BTS official fancafe and ask him to take a picture in front of the mirror. ↓ ↓ I just read this on Instiz and thought I would post it here, because it is rare that friendships between idols and fans cause misunderstandings and dating rumors.

Because he has received Iphone, Taehyung is scolded by an agency staff. The main thing his fans want to know is whether they or not.

Speaking of which, “Arrival” was final installment of GOT7’s trilogy. P’s Himchan and Jongup also found the spotlight on their group’s comeback, the emotional, trance-tinged “Wake Me Up”, which saw leader Bang Yongguk make a welcome return after a mental health hiatus.However, breaking its tradition, Dispatch is reportedly not revealing any dating news this year. Since Dongwoo's supposed dating scandal is a big deal right now, I wanted to talk about it.Dongwoo was also spotted wearing the same shirt on the day that he went to a cafe where a fan was working.A fan talked to Dongwoo and Instagramed a photo of him.

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