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Scrappy, boisterous and unrepentantly rude, this caper comedy written by and starring rapper Master P (his first film, I'm Bout It, went straight to video and was distributed through his label, No Limit) is sporadically funny but hampered by its amateurish execution.

Ah, the Warmth Sharing question Well, let’s see, there’s repeated incidents of a man and a woman being alone for several hours, over several days, needing to share body heat, with some of them growing closer than the vast majority of married couples out there, seeing the best and the worse of others.

There’s even been individuals who said they were looking, and open to the prospect and some even mentioned their preference and Bam, that partner met the profile.

Heck, they even had that truly hot, well built and friendly woman who was frustrated that her partner didn’t want to share warmth. Then there’s the stress, then there’s the funk factor, and there’s being hungry and REAL headaches.

She'd finally built up the courage to ask sexy Uber man out for a drink — and it was a slam dunk. From here on out, the options were endless: drinks, marriage, little Uber babies.

This Uber driver was playing fast and loose with the game and, in the end, made the right decision and created one hell of a story.

My husband enjoys watching as I play and enjoy mself.

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