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When Robach underwent a grueling double mastectomy earlier this year, “Lara never came to visit Amy in the hospital, or even called her to see how she was doing,” the source claims.

“Robin Roberts, a breast cancer survivor, helped Amy navigate the complicated maze of what doctors to see, and has been a true friend to her during this time.” After Radar reported on the pair’s strained relationship, Robach and Spencer were suddenly spotted out to eat together in New York City last weekend, but network sources reveal it was a calculated PR ploy. The 24 Most Explosive & Bizarre Celebrity Interviews Ever “ABC went into crisis mode after the news broke that Lara and Amy hate each other,” the insider explains. When was the last time Lara and Amy had lunch, especially over the weekend?

According to some evolutionary psychologists, flirting may even be the foundation of civilisation as we know it.

They argue that the large human brain – our superior intelligence, complex language, everything that distinguishes us from animals – is the equivalent of the peacock's tail: a courtship device evolved to attract and retain sexual partners.

Say, “I love you”, or “Thank you for last night”, or “Can’t wait until you get home…” 2. And don’t forget at least one 15 second kiss a day! Have a secret code phrase Want to tell him you think he’s hot? ” No one else will know what you really mean but him, so you can say it in front of the kids, in front of your parents, in front of anybody! I have a passion for helping marriages, and together with my husband Keith I speak at marriage conferences around North America.

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An insider reveals, “Among the gripes Amy has with Lara is that she shamelessly flirts with the male staff and guests.

And in Texas, 11 of 251 sexual complaints in the 2015 fiscal year were substantiated.

Wisconsin said it didn't have a single substantiated report of abuse in the last five years.

The claws are still out on the set of Good Morning America!

Although feuding co-hosts Amy Robach and Lara Spencer recently pretended to make nice during a public lunch date, Radar has learned that behind the scenes, the cat-fighting continues.

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